Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Next generation 5 July

Next Generation
Accompanied by a booklet and handout
The aggressive guys are the heros and they get rewarded...the only way to reduce aggressive behaviour is to let kids see the direct consequences so that there is less capacity to want to mirror or copy the behaviour
Interactivity produces the automatic responses that are then repeated
They are a wonderful teaching tool and thus have a huge power for good ,however if all of the practice /reward is voile then there is a problem
Parents should limit media time
2-11 An hour or Two of free screen time ........that is not educationally set
Speaking is more important and watching too much screen time is counterproductive
Amount and content must be appropriate
Parents need to set limits in many things especially in media time .

Put the tips for parents in our newsletter
The stories we tell are the stories we become,magazines and celebrities are costly
Kids never get there
Focus on purchases that  Matterhorn us

Things for us to consider
A much smarter and focused look at the influence of print images media...understanding the impact and power of visual language..understanding this media form to dis empower its influence and effect
Cyber safety rules
Ie keep locator off
Problems with sharing passwords to email accounts
Privacy settings etc
Images that school and parents post and what implications these have

In our newsletter.  Do not put the surname on
Tell parents about Facebook and privacy settings
Tell parents to check phone and Facebook page of your kids and if you don't know them then delete immediately
Give Police New South Wales web site
Net safe think u know
Cyber safe website

Susan McLean
Caring for kids in an online world
You tube...one click from disasters am .fm. Woohoo.me
Susan says there is no reason to be on this ,it is not a major social networking site,get them off , get them out , no good will come from using this site , it is set up to wreck havoc on kids lives and psychi
Good parents get their kids off.

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